Tuesday, March 1, 2016

President Trump, President Sanders, or the Status Quo

The election of anyone other than Sanders or Trump is a victory for the status quo.

The old global order is in tatters. It cannot be stitched together. Leaders will have to build something new in its place.

What they sold us as free trade (as Ducky would add, LMAO) was really a Free Pass for Global Corporatist vampires to traffic in human slavery, destroy economies, and move on once they had sucked the people dry.

The Latinization of America

Our government and the corporate establishment crapped on our heads, stagnated our wages, threw millions out of meaningful work for the rest of their lives, and called it free market capitalism. This is exactly what happened over and over in so many Latin American countries, and in every instance it paved the way for fiery leftists in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia. It brough leftwing fascist dictatorships to Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, among others.

Don't Cry for the US, Argentina...

We now have in this country uni-party DC Peronism, complete with each side celebrating military and domestic police state action (or looking the other way) when their strongman is in power. Everyone, including the Establishment Infotainment Media Complex, routinely refers to the president as 'Commander in Chief,' a title previously only used within the DoD when discussing high-level military policy.

The two factions of the DC Crime Syndicate blare out rhetoric and stage kabuki plays for the proles, but the beat goes on, and its the DC power establishment, Global Oligarchs, Davos Men and Wall Street Banksters kicking up their heels and enjoying the celebration.

America no longer belongs to We The People

The Federal Government has sold our birthright out from under us.  The global corporations own us now.  Carrier is off to Mexico, with a hearty Eff U to the workers it leaves behind.  Of course, the owners and managers will continue to enjoy all the privileges and comforts of living here, even as they make money in Mexico and do the triple Irish tax dodge with a Netherlands rinse before stashing it in Switzerland and using a tax loophole to repatriate enough money to keep them in yachts, mansions and botox.

Evil strikebreaker George Soros funds the importation of scab labor and scab activists, while the multifarious federal, state and municipal agencies play Pinkerton Security, keeping locked-out American workers from storming the factory gates.

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