Thursday, March 24, 2016

Zero Zero Zero

Tom Steyer...  Bill Gates...  Mark Zuckerberg...  International supervillain George Soros... Davos Men...

In the old days, the rich who wanted to get richer hired strong men to build cars, mine the earth, and haul goods around the world. Women got in on the game as secretaries, accountants, and in the secondary markets all that economic activity spurred.  They were school teachers, shop keepers and hairdressers, and they now join men in every field of endeavor.

I hate to use loaded terms, but such an economy "trickled down" wealth, and people "spread it around." Our fortunes were intertwined. Today, not so. The super rich succeed while millions are mired in misery.

Today, the greedy globalist plutorcrats lap up American luxury, outsource information services to third-world slave labor, hide their money from taxation, and owe allegiance to no one and no government. They are international privateers.

They are not fueling economic activity with their cash hordes. They are not starting productive businesses that provide useful products and employ American men and women. They are importing cheap labor and snatching our birthright out from under us.

Financial markets have become an end unto themselves.  The further financial markets have gotten from the look 'em in the eye handshake that brought entrepreneurs and financiers together, the more corrupt and out of control they have become. Even worse, thanks to computer technology and mathematical modeling, the market is now a voracious beluga whale, vacuuming up the money, hopes and dreams of millions of pensioners, small investors, independent entrepreneurs, Main Street banks and mom and pop businesses.

A Historical Inflection Point

We are witnessing an epochal shift in world history, one of those points where events move fast enough that you can actually see them happening.

Europe is finished, due more to demographic collapse than the myriad other factors which besiege it. Many believe the migration north from the failed societies of North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia will turn into a deluge of perhaps a billion people over the next decade.  Does anyone seriously believe feckless, ball-less European "powers" could stop such an invasion of human misery?

Global Institutional Failure.  The institutions so patiently built by governments around the world no longer work.

Global corporatists, billionaire robber barons and World Economic Forum Plutocrats roam the earth like a plague of vampires, masking their nefarious activities with "charity..."

The "charity" of the Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg types is nothing more than a tax dodge and a means for them to personally suborn whole governments and peoples.  Plutocrats and private organizations are slowly overtaking weak, decrepit, bankrupt governments as the world's movers and shakers that drive global events and decide the fate of billions of people.

DC:  Peronism, North America-Style

The US Federal Government serves the Global Corporations and the uber-rich even as they ritually vilify them. The District of Criminals has lapsed into a comfy bi-partisan Peronism. I would love to see Sanders and Trump bern down the rotten edifice that is our DC political establishment.

Why the title, Zero Zero Zero?

I take if from the informative book by Roberto Saviano of the same title.  He explains the international drug trade via various stories and character-based vignettes.  The wake up call for me came at the end.  How do they move all that money around?  Easy.  Via our international banking  system. You know, the one that won't allow foreigners to open bank accounts in any nation. The banking system that reports everything about you to the government, including if you withdraw more than $10,000 of your own money, heaven forbid, in cash.

Yeah, that banking system, supposedly supervised by the US government. Bankers worldwide like Citi move drug money. On the rare occasions they get caught, they say "oopsie," pay a fine, nobody goes to jail, and life goes on. Cost of doing business.
Perhaps it's time now to stop mapping political differences along the left-right dichotomy. The great political, intellectual and emotional chasm of our world runs between transnational elites with access to diverse forms of social, economic and cultural power, and masses who feel left out from the global party and who express their fury and resentment through social media and xenophobic movements.
We have entered a perilous new era in politics, where a whirlwind of raw emotions is blowing away all the verities of the past. (Right & Left Revolt against Elites)

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