Tuesday, March 22, 2016

War on Citizens

A Cashless, Ball-less Society
War on Cash - One of the progressive trends of the last decade has been a gradual transition towards a 'cashless society', where all good and services will be bought and sold by an electronic debit and credit system.
Today, we are closer than ever to this becoming a reality. In the US, top banks like Chase have already begun restricting the use of cash. What next? Will the government want to tax cash, and eventually move to prohibit the private storage of cash altogether?
As Zero Hedge states, "We keep being bombarded by moves to restrict the use of cash and demands to ban it altogether. These demands seem to mainly revolve around two arguments: one is that 'only criminals need cash', which is on a par with the absurd assertion that we should all be fine with Stasi-like ubiquitous government surveillance 'if we have nothing to hide'." In this climate of fear and staged "ISIS" attacks, expect "terror" to be the main rally cry to ban the mainstream use of cash once and for all. (Sign of the Times - Predictions for 2016)
The International Banking Network is moving around billions in criminal cash, from arms smuggling, drug trade, 1%'er tax dodges, human trafficking and every other nefarious activity. Government can't stop it, so they turn on the little guy. Innocent citizens are so much easier to cuff around and intimidate. The end game is the criminalization of any non-electronic transaction not monitored by government.

This is what happens with rotten, tyrannical regimes...  

The DC Uni-Party Peronists have blown the national treasure on goodies for their cronies and bribes for the electorate. Our bureaucratic overlords have grown flabby and stupid, so the they turn on innocent citizens, because that's much easier that doing the hard work of improving the nation and snuffing evildoers who threaten our way of life and our existence.

You cannot have a foreign bank account unless you tell the government you have it, and because of onerous US reporting requirements, most foreign banks now simply refuse the custom of US citizens.

It is illegal to own property overseas and not tell the US government about it.

The federal government knows how much money you have and the value of all your investments.

Think you own your property? Try not paying your property taxes.

FAFSA? If you have kids in college, you know that filling out the FAFSA is like doing your taxes... while enduring a colonoscopy... and having a root canal done...

We are witnessing first-hand what happens when a government turns craven and incompetent.  It cannot catch international drug dealers, so it puts everyone's financial transactions under investigative scrutiny.

Government cannot keep bad people from crossing our borders and living here with impunity--usurping every benefit and privilege that rightly belongs only to US citizens and legal residents--so it turns the entire United States into a penal colony and treats us all as criminals.

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