Sunday, July 21, 2013

Have we got a deal for you

Charles Fisher House, Photo by: Andrew Jameson


Once the premier neighborhood in Detroit, home to such illustrious folk as Henry Ford, S.S. Kresge, Benjamin Seigel, Walter Briggs, and of course Charles Fisher as noted above, is the largest historic residential district in the country.  I was amazed to find the prices that some of these homes are now going for...  how would you like a six bedroom, six bath, almost six thousand square foot home for only $126,000 on the same street that Seigel, Kresge, and Briggs lived?

Check out some of the properties available at the Historic Boston Edison Association website.


Some enterprising people have come up with the brilliant idea of converting abandoned city lots into farmland.  The most expansive proposal being Hantz Woodlands,  to turn roughly 1500 vacant and abandoned housing lots into a 170 acre commercial hardwood woodland.  People have looked at everything from golf courses to amusement parks

What innovative use can you come up with?

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