Sunday, July 28, 2013

"this strain of libertarianism"

“The next attack that comes, that kills thousands of Americans as a result, people are going to be looking back on the people having this intellectual debate and wondering whether they put. …” said Mr. Christie, before cutting himself off.


Me, I'm curious where governor Christie was going with this... what is the rest of the sentence?

"... wondering whether they put freedom ahead of safety"?

Would be my best guess given the context of the discussion


“President Obama has done nothing to change the policies of the Bush administration in the war on terrorism. And I mean practically nothing,” he said. “And you know why? ’Cause they work.” 

No one said they didn't work,  we said they were morally and ethically wrong.  I think you would find support for the efficacy of the measures from such diverse organizations as the MGB and Staatssicherheit.  


At a Thursday forum with Republican governors in Aspen, Colo., Christie spoke with disgust about “this strain of libertarianism” from people “not on the front line” who were criticizing tactics in the war on terror. ~ Slate

A picture of Mr. Christie "on the front lines"

On September 11, 2001 Mr. Christie was firmly entrenched in the front lines of the lobbying firm Dughi, Hewit & Palatucci.  The photo above is of Mr. Christie as the US Attorney for the District of New Jersey, an office he did not take until January 17th, 2002.

I got a good laugh out of this.  Aside from the name of his lobbying firm causing me to recollect the old joke about Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe... the mere mental picture of Mr. Christie on "the front lines" made me guffaw, although I suppose he would provide decent cover for our troops.

But I shouldn't make fun... Mr. Christie did do battle with Spear, Leeds & Kellog, the Ashcroft Group, and Bristol-Myers Squibb, some serious terrorist heavyweights.  

Christie's big terrorism case was that of Hemant Lakhani, an Indian rice trader and sari salesman convicted of illegal arms trading after purchasing a fake surface-to-air missile from a Russian intelligence officer in "an incredible triumph in the war against terrorism" in:

The arrest of Hemant Lakhani, a supposed terrorist mastermind caught red-handed attempting to acquire a surface-to-air missile. Only later did the government admit that the "plot" consisted of an FBI informant begging Lakhani to find him a missile, while a Russian intelligence officer called up Lakhani and offered to sell him one. ~ The Nation

A NO VOTE for Christie

I am a libertarian and a Republican, and I will not vote for Chris Christie, not in a primary and not in a national election.  

How about you?

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