Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Immigration Kabuki

Marco Rubio, The Great Hispanic Hope, killed his shot at a GOP presidential nod (which doesn't matter anyway, since we'll probably never have another GOP president), and Paul Ryan is working on doing the same. He too wants legalization first, border enforcement (as Ducky is fond of day, LMAO) second.

This statement from his interview with Sean Hannity is a bald-faced lie.  It.  Will.  Never.  Happen:
Well, look, they can’t get — what a person would want to have, is they would come out of the shadows, they’d get put on probation, they’d pay taxes, pay fines, learn English, learn civics.
Learn English?
We don't require native-born Americans to do this. Why the double standard? English is not our official language and it is clearly not a requirement to vote and live here. How racist!

This also ignores the Teachers Union money-making scam of English as a Second Language, where bilingual teachers and their schools are paid extra to keep foreign language kids linguistically ghettoized instead of leveraging children's natural linguistic abilities to rapidly assimilate them into the lingua franca.   

Learning about the racist white crackers who founded this joint? Is Ryan nuts?

Pay taxes?
That's only for the dumb schlubs in the working middle class. The rich know how to avoid them, and the working poor don't make enough. Welfare bums, a natural Democrat party constituency that Obama has greatly expanded, pay no taxes at all.

This next statement by Ryan is even funnier:
If they break the terms of their probation, they can be deported. And if the border is not secure by that time, if the verification system is not up and running, they can’t get — not only does the status go away, they can’t get legal permanent residence…
Deported?  I thought we were incapable of deporting them now?  How will we miraculously be able to do it in the future?

And he seriously wants us to believe we will go back to the status quo if "border security" doesn't happen?  How long has he been in Washington?  Does he think we're stupid?

By everyone's admission, this immigration bill is a grand bargain between unions, their partners in the chamber of commerce, and the Democrat party to increase union membership, keep wages down, and fill the Democrat party voter rolls.

These are the lies politicians tell one another.  Believe it or not, some voters are stupid enough to believe them.

Do you really think Democrap Senator Senator Schmucky Schumer will stand for draconian punishments of immigrants, or Quetzalcoatl forbid, deportation of undocumented Democrat voters?  No way!  Tough-talking Repukes like Rubio and Ryan are serving their Democrap overlords, knitting fig leafs until the fix is in.

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