Monday, July 8, 2013

Independence Day Revisited

Kalbaugh claims that his rights were violated at the stop, and Decatur Criminal Defense Attorney Brian White agrees.  "You cannot be required to exit the vehicle or perform any test without some reasonable suspicion," White said.  From what he saw of the video, White believes officers did not have reasonable suspicion on which to ask Kalbaugh to step out of his vehicle.  "His speech is appropriate and not slurred. He is not cooperating, but he is doing so politely and asking intelligent questions," White said.  WAAY-ABC

“I broke no laws, and I made sure to be respectful the entire time while still exercising my constitutional freedom,” Kalbaugh said. “The officers would not let me leave, but they would not answer if I was being detained.” ~Chris Kalbaugh

“I realize that these road blocks help keep drunk drivers off the roads, and illegal searches like the one witnessed in the video are bound to turn up illegal drugs every now and then, but this is an example of soft tyranny,” Fancher said. “Our founders put in place rules and laws to limit these offenses, but over time we have slowly given up these rights — sometimes without even realizing it, because most people are good people and will mind a police officer when they tell us to do something.”  ~Gabriel Fancher, Secretary Rutherford County Republican Party

Daily News Journal - Murfreesboro

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