Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Most Overrated Things

I've been reorienting my priorities over the past year, so an article containing a list of the most overrated things grabbed my attention. I lost the link to the below list, but you can find similar lists all over the internet with a little Yahooing

These were the items on the list I agree with:

Celebrity Gossip
Professional sports
Starbucks coffee
Movie Stars
New Years Eve
Justin Bieber

I'm agnostic about these...

Extravagant Weddings
Getting a Ph.D

... because it all depends. If you can afford an extravagant wedding, I say go for it. Same for a Ph.D. Basically, if you're doing it with your own money, it's your own business.

I also don't discount IQ. Intelligence is important, but there are also valuable smarts that are not measured by standardized testing. Release an intelligent Ph.D among Mongolian yak herders, or into the wilds of Yemen or inner city America, and see who's the smart one...

I disagree with these items that appeared on the list:

Religious sentiments

Career is important. Having a rewarding career can be a source of happiness and satisfaction. It can provide a measure of autonomy that comes from earning your own money and determining your own future.

I don't even know why religious sentiments made the list. What do people have against others holding their own beliefs?

And sex... Well, it goes without saying, and it depends on why it's on the list. I  wouldn't call it overrated, but I do believe it's overexposed.  It's great when people keep it to themselves, but do we really need so much attention on it in our culture?

My Short List of Overrated Things:

Anything emanating from government
Political pundits
Conventional wisdom
Arguments over sports
Partisan arguments
Eating out

My Short List of Underrated Things:

Classic Literature
Playing a musical instrument
Spending time unplugged
Freeware and shareware
Home cooking

What's on your list of overrated and underrated things?

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