Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Doomed by Mindless Stupidity

Photo: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll revealed a serious flaw in the way we Americans think.   Setting aside the presidential ratings:

65% of us think we are "seriously off on the wrong track" while only 31% of us think we are "generally heading in the right direction".

77% of us disapprove of the way congress is doing its job.

61% of us disapprove of Democrats in congress.

72% of us disapprove of Republicans in congress.

Yet 45% of us approve of the job our own representative is doing vs. 41% that disapprove.

Let's face facts... it can't be everyone else's representative  that's screwing things up.

There may be a slim margin of hope in the result that only 23% say that they will reelect their current representative and 67% are "inclined to look around".  But honestly, how many of you think that voters are going to cross party lines or seek an independent or third party instead of just voting how they've always voted from sheer inertia?

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