Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I present here a snarl of news, commentary and advice on what to do about ISIS, specifically in light of developments in Syria. Usually, I like excerpting key points of the links I provide, but the Middle East is the world’s nuthouse, and it drives me crazy to read and write about it.

Experts insist Basher Assad encouraged ISIS to attack him in a very cynical game that resulted in ISIS swallowing whole the legitimate, non-jihadi opposition, thereby making his enemy the enemy of the west as well. I’ve seen comments poo pooing this from incredulous readers, but knowing what I know about dictatorships and about the Middle East, I believe it:

Assad is Laying a Deadly Trap in Syria

Attacking the Islamic State is Attacking Assad

Our invasion of Iraq was a colossal blunder of biblical proportions, and the jihadis learned much more from the debacle than we did:

What ISIS Learned from the US

A Tangled Nest of Snakes and Scorpions

There are no good guys in any of this, and they all hate us. The convoluted alliances further confound any understanding of what is going on. Kurdistan, a rare wellspring of goodwill toward the US, has allied with Iran to protect themselves. Qatar has broken with Saudi Arabia and UAE and is supporting ISIS. Why, I don’t know, but we cannot punish Qatar. It is the world’s #1 exporter of LNG, and it also hosts some very important US military command centers.

We need to stay out of this. Sure, drop some bombs, do some surveillance and pass along some intel if we must, but Middle Eastern nations need to throw their troops into that meat grinder. That shit-smeared hell-hole and its execrable inhabitants are not worth one more US cent or one more drop of American blood. It is a grotesque theater of bloody torture; a charnel house where ululating death cultists never tire of the stonings, beheadings, burnings, bombings and piles of dead bodies, all cheered on by the grubby populace.

Fence it off, stay away, and machinegun any jihadis who try to escape.

Close the Gates

Also, sorry legitimate refugees, but we need to cut off all immigration and visits from the world’s anal sphincter known as the Islamic world. We can’t sort the good from the bad, so bar them all. No Saudi Princes going to the hospital and enjoying shopping trips, no young men and women attending our universities, no refugees who, like the Boston bombers’ family feared for their lives so much that they repeatedly returned to the homeland we granted them refuge from. End it all, throw up a wall between Western Civilization and Muslim barbarity. Maybe this will make the good ones sort it out and snuff the poisonous snakes in their midst.

Even if we slam the gates, we still have a serious problem here in the west, where we are growing our own jihadis:

The Making of a Disaster

“American” Dies fighting for ISIS

According to NBC, an “American” named, oddly enough, Douglas MacArthur McCain has died fighting in Syria. As usual, they get it wrong. He was not an American. He was an anti-American jihadi POS whose death we should all celebrate. The US government knows of many others like him over there. They should all be tried in absentia, sentenced to death, stripped of their citizenship and then tracked down and smoked by drone, leaving nothing but a grease stain as an example to others. Any of them stupid enough to try and return should be seized at the border and unceremoniously executed.

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