Monday, September 22, 2014

Fail, Columbia!

Why are we sending our military to fight ebola in Africa?

As a Bill Bennett listener e-mailed in, "Ebola is a virus of peace."

Why are we partnering with perfidious bastards in the Middle East? The Saudis, Qataris, and all the rest are double-dealing serpents, and Iran is waiting like a nest of black widow spiders to quietly sabotage us, and Russia still has at least one military installation in Syria. Will Putin (an ally of Iran and Syria) stand idly by and watch the west's pathetic, half-hearted coalition of cowards and double-talkers drop bombs on Assad's country? Will any of those heavily-armed Arab nations fight?

Is America finished?

Even Bill Bennett, no swivel-eyed rightwing loony, says White House officials have routinely met with representatives of the Muslim brotherhood.

Our government is so infested with all of these parasites that have wormed their way in: Banksters, corporatists, noisy community agitators and grievance hustlers, the Israel lobby, Islamists, stinking Saudis, and now, finally, people who loudly and publicly despise us. Are we the stupidest country in the world?

I am pro-immigration... But...

We should welcome immigrants, especially the poor and the downtrodden whom we believe are assimilable, and we should assimilate them. But that's not what we are doing now. Our government is bringing in high tech and low tech workers to undermine American workers, all at the behest of the US Chamber Pot of Crony Commerce and Silicon Valley robber barons.

Our feral government is also purposely bringing in people who are illiterate in their own language and to whom our culture is alien. America was at one time a marvelous assimilation machine, but the gears are stripped, the carburetor is gunked up and the one-magnificent machine now sputters on two cylinders.

We are consciously and purposefully incapable of assimilating people, so we should not be bringing them in.

Can America Bounce Back?

We are reeling from two failed presidencies in a row. Forces from without and now from within are working for, and sometime openly cheering for, our destruction. Not the destruction of the nation, but of our society. They lob cultural neutron bombs that kill the nation’s founding ideals but leave the corporate and military infrastructure standing. Those two eternal pillars of US power can be easily turned to nefarious purposes.

The domestic and foreign malefactors don't want to murder our dear Columbia, they just want to turn her into a two-bit whore who will do their bidding.

Sure, President Obama and his international corporatist progressives want America to be special, just like people from Burundi or South Turdistan think their country is special...

When Obama and the Pelosicrats start talking about our Islamist enemies in the same overheated, bellicose rhetoric they now reserve for conservatives, Christians and tea partiers, we'll know they are getting serious about a serious threat.

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