Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fight the Power

Wake up, progressive apologists. You have become the stodgy, regressive establishment.  There is no labor shortage. Unemployment is the problem. Remember?

Senator Jeff Sessions:  Don't Give Masters of the Universe Their Amnesty

Our political, cultural and financial elites don’t give two shits about ordinary people. The Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe, modern day robber barons, are labor exploiters and bigots whose workforce is overwhelmingly white male, but they throw some nickels and dimes to progressive causes and America's leftists bow down and worship them.

America's political, corporate and cultural elites hide behind walled communities and send their children to private schools, so they and their loved ones are shielded from the societal dysfunction and cultural decay their anti-American policies foster.
Source:  UPI - Santanist Statue "Erected"

Given how our feral government views it subjects, the statue pictured to the right should be the new national symbol of the Government of the United States.

That’s right. Out feral government is a red devil with horns and an erect penis, penetrating every orifice of the populace, and even creating new ones where none previously existed.

As long as the elites rest easy, assured of their comfort and safety, nothing will change in this country.

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