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2015 Predictions

William M. Briggs, Statistician to the Stars, makes predictions each year and solicits predictions from readers in the comments thread of his most excellent blog.

We'd like to do the same thing here at Western Hero.  We'll start with our predictions for 2015, then ask you to register your own in the comments section.  We will close comments on 6 Jan.

Silverfiddle's Predictions:

Denver Broncos are defeated in the playoffs, Peyton Manning retires.

Jeb Bush announces he is running for president, the GOP establishment gets behind him, and some rightwing loonies spin off a shaky, farcical third party with someone like a Bachmann or Palin at the helm.

Jim Webb launches his run for the Democratic party presidential nomination.

Hillary Clinton bows out.

A Supreme Court vacancy will occur, and due to political intransigence on both sides, will remain vacant.

Race relations continue to deteriorate, with more violence and more provocative incidents than 2014.

Immigration wave on our southern border larger than last year.  Obama asks for more money.

GOP will reestablish a normalized budget process, President Obama will sign their spending bill, and conservatives will be furious because it increases spending even though Ryan, Boehner, et al claim it contains deficit reduction measures.

ISIS state collapses back into marauding terrorist bands as Kurds and a marginally-improved Iraqi army regain lost territory.  Iraqi sectarian in-fighting continues, US reestablishes a small, semi-permanent presence.

Obama negotiates with the Taliban, even as they gobble up the Pashtun belt and Kabul totters.  Police and Army defections increase along with rumors of an imminent government collapse.

Bashar Assad strengthens his grip on Syria, rebels in retreat.

China causes some kind of provocation/crisis ala Russia/Ukraine.  US and world dithers.

* I hope no one panics at my predictions.  I am notoriously horrible at political prognostication.

Finntann's Predictions:

Gasoline drops below $1.50

Ruble continues its downward spiral and despite continued popularity there is a coup or assassination attempt on Putin. Putin survives, blames the West, and amid soaring popularity makes a move somewhere in the Baltics , most likely in the Ida-Viru region of Estonia (70% Russian) or the Daugavpils region of Latvia (53.6% Russian).

The government of Syria falls after Bashar al-Assad flees to Belarus for medical care after a nearly successful suicide bombing, he never returns. The West diddles as ISIS consolidates territorial gains in western Iraq and Syria.

Raul Castro dies suddenly, Miguel Diaz-Canel takes over and makes moves a la China to implement limited capitalism.  Sheldon Adelson announces a planned Sands Casino Resort on the Malec√≥n.

Street protests dubbed the Latin American Spring in major Venezuelan cities leads to a crackdown by the Maduro government. A military coup in late summer or early fall will install Diosdado Cabello as head of government.

After a series of police shootings public backlash will dampen down protests.

Personal Computers running on Intel's new Skylake chip architecture will be available in time for Christmas.

* If you're going to make predictions... go large.

Hugh Farnham's Predictions

* - Editor's note:  Hugh relayed his predictions to Silverfiddle via a clandestine radio link emanating from Hugh's secure redoubt somewhere in the mountains of Idaho.  Despite Silverfiddle hauling his own radio pack up the west side of Pike's Peak through knee-deep snow to make the linkup, the connection was poor and intermittent in order to keep the federales from DFing Hugh's hideout.  As a result, his list is short.

There will be an increase of 10th Amendment-based state nullification efforts of federal laws

The Obama Administration will take actions to continue the nationalization of local, county and state police.

The FBI will quietly admit they were wrong about North Korea being the source of the Sony hack

There will be cyberattacks against the US, and our government will blame them on Russia

viburnum's Predictions

Silverfiddle, Finn, and Hugh have monopolized the potentially plausible leaving me nowhere to go but out on the proverbial limb, but as Finn says about making predictions; "go large".

The American people finally comprehend the significance of being 18 trillion dollars in debt and take to the streets to demand a fiscally responsible government enforced by a balanced budget amendment. Frustrated by the indifference of the Beltway crowd they hang a politician, bureaucrat, or lobbyist from every available lamppost in the District of Columbia. The survivors are grateful for the dearth of suitable trees.

Warren Buffet, after a severe attack of conscience over paying less in taxes than his secretary, donates his entire fortune of 73 billions to pay down the national debt. It covers 0.4%.

Medea Benjamin converts to Islam, moves to Baghdad, and organizes a group:  "Not In Allah's Name", to protest the depraved atrocities committed in the name of the religion of peace. The organization is short lived. So is she.

One person, one vote returns to Cook County Illinois, disenfranchising innumerable cadavers. Democrats/Progressives protest the injustice.

The Democratic Party finally decides to come out of the closet and renames itself the Democrat/Socialist Party. As is usually the case, this is news to no one.

The Philadelphia 76ers go undefeated for the rest of the season and win the NBA Championship ( Don't bet the farm on that one. )

The Chicago Cubs win the World Series. (ROFLMAO)


Those are our predictions. Please list your own in the comments section. If by God's grace we are here this time next year, we will review and score everyone's forecasts.

As a bonus for reading through our prognostications, here is how the exceedingly witty Brit James Delinpole sees 2015 shaping up:  2015:  Your Handy Month by Month Guide.  It is chock full of his caustic sarcasm and hilarious skewing of pompous progressives, so strap yourself in.

We wish you all a blessed 2015.

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