Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Juneau the Capital of Alaska

Okay, it's an old joke.  The picture above is of Juno, daughter of Saturn, wife of Jupiter, mother to Mars and Vulcan, and also coincidentally the Weather Channel's name for the recent northeast snowstorm.  Dare I call it a blizzard? I'm sure some of you out on Long Island, perhaps those of you in New England may agree... those of you in New York or Philly may laugh.

From Snowmageddon to Snowpocolypse, Nemo to Juno, the naming of winter storms is a marketing ploy, even the National Weather Service has accused "for-profit" forecasters of over-hyping these storms to the point of panic.  There is no doubt the advertised forecast was wrong (for most in the mid-Atlantic states), yet many of the models indicated a more eastward track of the storm, along with more accurate snowfall predictions, the NOAA GFS model nailed it.

So the question is this... are "Mediarologists" hyping storms for ratings and profit?  What do you think? 

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