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"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam"
-- President Barack Hussein Obama

So far, he's right. The future belongs to those who will kill you for slandering their religion and their prophets. But the leftwing dhimmicrats scold us for linking any of this to the Religion of Peace.

Would the leftwing midgets be heaping scorn on Sarah Palin and her family and making tired jokes about them if she were flying around in a helicopter and picking them off with a high powered rifle?

Would The Da Vinci Code have been made if angry Christians had burned down half of Hollywood for producing The Last Temptation of Christ?

Think about that.  Angry, murderous Muslims and their dhimmi-prog enablers in the West are conspiring to nibble away at Western Christendom's classical liberalism.

By the way...If it really is the religion of peace, why do it's apologists have to strain to remind us of it at every turn? Do we have to be reminded that ice cream is sweet creamy goodness, or that hitting ourselves in the face with a board is bad?

Doc Savage is Right:  Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

Islam's progressive handmaidens here in the west continue to peddle the absurd fiction that the terrorists are not Muslims, or that Islam is not to blame...  When the Islamofascists themselves insist otherwise!

The screaming leftards would rather point to a 400 year old Christian atrocity (that was almost always preceded by an atrocity against them), and warn us about Sarah Palin, dominionists, and how Jerry Falwell, dead in his grave, is a greater threat than the Hitlers in headscarves.  In a brilliant Orwellian twist, they label as fascist people who march in the street against creeping Islamism in their nations, while refusing to hang that label on militants who bomb, burn and behead infidels, gays, and anyone who doesn't agree with them.

There's a Cancer in the Umma...

...And the west cannot excise it.  George Bush and his gang were fools for trying.  Islam needs a reformation, and it must come from within.  If good Muslims are sincere in their belief that the Islamic terrorists are a perversion of their faith, then they need to arm up and take them out.  They need to cleanse the umma.  But that won't happen...

The next best thing is to halt all further immigration from Muslim countries, which is well within our rights as a sovereign nation.  Not all Muslims are bad, of course, but many of them have proven to be impassive to the sickness growing around them.  Our Somali community shows its gratitude by sending young men back to the shit hole we rescued them from, where they plot jihad against us.

Even more disconcerting are the incidences of generational recidivism, where good Muslims immigrate here and become solid American citizens, but to their horror, watch their American-born son become enthralled with radial Islam. That's what happened in France.  We can't control it and we obviously can't detect it, so we should block all immigration from Muslim countries.

The next thing we should do is crack down hard on the hate preachers who infect the brains of so many young men. Go RICO on those rabid pigs and their hate mosques, and threaten to name Saudi Arabia as a co-conspirator.  No more money from the Wahabbis.  Shut it off.

Leftwing progs say that goes against our freedom of religion?  How so, if out of the other side of their mouths they and the snakes and scorpions at CAIR tell us it is a perversion of Islam?  If the militant hate mosques are not Islam, then we take them down like the organized crime syndicate they are.   

Islam is a nest of vipers in the lap of the west.  We cannot deport Muslim citizens, but we sure as hell can refuse to make any more of them.  We can also ban the Saudi Wahabbi money that funds so much hate, and we can treat the jihadi preachers and their mosques like the criminal gangs they are.

Islam has wrought nothing good in recent memory.  All over the planet, Muslims are at war with their neighbors, often other Muslims, and they are chafing away at societies where they are a minority.  Why in God's name do we want to import that into our liberal Western Civilization that so many brave and resourceful men and women sacrificed to conceive and preserve?  Western Liberalism is anathema to Islam.

I leave you with a quote Bocopro dropped into yesterday's thread:
“Islam is not a torch, as has been claimed by its proponents, but an extinguisher. Conceived in a barbarous brain for the use of a barbarous people, it was – and it remains – incapable of adapting to civilization. Wherever it has dominated, it has broken the impulse towards progress and checked the natural evolution of society.”  -- Andre Servier

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