Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State of the Union

So, what did you think of the State of the Union Address? Rather than pontificate with my opinion, below are some of the highlights of proposals.  I may have missed some, so feel free to add or opine on the below.

7-days Paid Sick/Maternity Leave
$3000 Childcare Tax Credit
Equal Pay for Equal Work
Free Community College
A Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan
Presidential Trade Promotion Authority
Precision Medicine Initiative
Re-energized Space Program
Fund Infrastructure and Basic Research
Close Corporate Tax Loopholes
Authorization for Use of Force against ISIL
End Cuban Embargo
Bipartisan Cyber Security Bill
Reform the Criminal Justice System

Some proposals are fairly concrete, others fairly vague.  What did you think of the overall message and the highlights outlined above?

I'll go ahead and get you started: Equal Pay for Equal Work

How can you guarantee women equal pay for equal work when you can't guarantee equal pay for "equal work" between two male employees since you can't guarantee equal performance?  In my experience no two employees produce equal work, some frankly are quite better than others.  Of course we're not talking assembly line work here, we're talking exempt salaried technical professionals.  Some folks in ostensibly the same job require far more supervision, quality control, and intervention than others.  

In the company I work for, each employee negotiates his or her own starting salary based on education, experience, and expertise and while there are some across the board pay raises for such things as cost of living adjustments there are also incentive pay raises based on individual performance.  There are women that make more than their male counterparts and vice versa.  How do you equalize pay when you can't equalize performance?

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