Thursday, December 15, 2016

Babies on a Plane

Living in post-election America is like being a beleaguered passenger trapped on a long airline flight plagued by crying babies.

Ever get a song stuck in your head? How about crappy pop music in general? Shopping, in the car, on the street, sometimes it seems you just can’t escape it. You want ear plugs. Well, life in America these days, you can’t escape the whiny, howling chorus emanating from that latest Progressive Pop act, The Butthurt Bawlers from Hilloonville.

They still refuse to grasp reality and admit Hillary lost. President Obama said she was on the right side of history! So they comfort themselves with alt-reality fairy tales about how Russian Spymaster Boris Badinoff “infiltrated” and “hacked” the election with “fake news” while Steve Bannon rallied the millions of Klan voters.

Like a poo-throwing child in a tantrum, they fling blame in all dirctions: Racism, sexism, old white people, that recently-uncovered secret cabal called the Electoral College…

Anybody else remember when the red scare came from the right, not the left? Anyone else recall that Soviet propaganda and misinformation was just fine when spewed from the mouths of leftwing Hollywood actors and socialist singers?

Diaper rash Democrats blame everyone but themselves. Like shell-shocked victims knocked on their asses by a runaway parade float, latte splattered on the sidewalk, they scream themselves hoarse shouting irrelevancies like “Hillary won the popular vote!”

Leftwing progs at Mother Jones shriek about a looming dictatorship… after cheering when their strongman hero Emperor Barack, phone and pen in hand, issued imperial decrees, bureaucratic dicta and made law out of whole cloth. Alas, now they quail and wail at the looming Trumpian Totalitarianism.

The most irritating (and un-American of all) tantrum is the “JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE! NYAH!!!” In spastic, spiteful fits of premature schadenfreude, they go all giddy at the fevered imaginings of Trump wrecking America as they dream of sticking out their tongues at the stupid grubby hordes who voted for Trump and telling us “SEE!!! Told ya so!”

Delegitimizing President Trump
Most insidious are the Establismentarian insiders like Hillary, Podesta, Pelosi, Obama and their minions essentially saying President-elect Trump’s election is illegitimate and fanning the flames by egging on the handful of kooks, nuts and flakes sprinkled among the 535 Electors. Their actions are irresponsible, insidious and have a corrosive effect on our democracy.

I felt sorry for Hillary and her voters after the election. The result--not just a Trump win, but a near electoral college landslide--was a shock. But like the airplane passenger--who is a father himself and at first smiles at the poor parents with the baby who won’t stop bawling--my patience wears thin as the interminable crying turns to a purple-faced tantrum without end.

Butt-hurt Hillary voters are the kid who gets walloped in the head with a ball and won’t stop crying. Rub some dirt on it and shut up already!

They are the spoiled brat who breaks her toy and won’t stop being a pestering pain in the ass until daddy goes out and buys her a new one.

Leftwing progs who can’t shut up about this election and face it like mature men and women are a howling chorus of crying babies on a plane. 

They are immature, un-hinged and yes, un-American. We are made of sterner stuff. We survived eight years of President Obama’s vapid, destructive reign; We will survive President Trump. After all, Donald Trump is more qualified to be chief executive than Barack Obama was when he entered the Oval Office.

So knock it off, already. We’re tired of your ranting and raving. The rest of the world is watching and you’re embarrassing us.

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