Sunday, December 4, 2016

Our Democratic Republic

We are not a direct democracy, and we are not one big peanut-butter-spread country. We are a federation of 50 states that established a federal government and vested it with powers via the US Constitution.

The 2016 Election results reflected this reality. We are a diverse patchwork. Conservatives are perfectly happy to let Massachusetts and California be as leftwing as they wanna be. Oakland elects an openly-Marxist mayor? Meh... Their city, their choice. I'll never have to go there, so what do I care?

Progressives hate federalism and they hate the concept of a democratic republic. They would eradicate the concept of states, leaving them as little more that quaint geographical areas with a flag. They want to peanut butter spread their ideology all over the US. They abhor those stubborn pockets of dissidents and the socially disinterested. "Conform or Die" is the Progressive chant. Witness how they gleefully rub their hands and chatter on about the demise of the white race in America. Everyone must conform to the hive, and the rest can just die off.

A Plea for Toleration

My prayer is that we can learn to leave each other alone. By all means, continue pushing for the rights of others--they are all human rights. By the same token, religious people have the right to practice their beliefs and speak about them in the public square.

I'm glad Colorado is not Massachusetts, and I think it's cool we have a state like Vermont that features liberal hippies with guns.

Not a Trick Question:

Is there any other nation on earth this big, with this many people, where people enjoy so many rights and so much bounty?

I don't think so, but maybe someone can point one out. My point is, in a large, diverse nation, one-size-fits-all will not work. We are a patchwork of communities and peoples who generally congregate with other like-minded people.

What's wrong with that?

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