Thursday, December 8, 2016

Who's Side are They On?

Henry Kissinger, China's Ambassador to the United States

Henry Kissinger has been in and out of Trump Tower a few times since the election, but he is not up for an administration job. He’s a Chinese agent doing the job the Chinese Ambassador to the United States just cannot do.

Bob Dole, Taiwan's Mole

Bob Dole is Taiwan’s paid mole. Supposedly, his law firm set up the phone call between Taiwan’s president and President-elect Trump.

The phone call itself was no big deal, despite what the parrots and trained monkeys tell you in the press.  George Friedman from Stratfor provide a non-hysterical analysis aided by historical perspective and current events.

Government Officials Cashing In

The controversy and arguing sparked by the famous phone call has missed the most important point: 

Former US officials--who still enjoy access to the highest reaches of the Federal Government and to the elite congressional and presidential inner circles--rake in millions acting as foreign agents, peddling their influence and using their access to lobby the US government on behalf of foreign governments.

Does anyone here besides me see anything wrong with this?

Can someone tell me why this practice should not be banned by federal law? I propose a total and plenary lifetime ban on any politician or government official ever representing a foreign government.

Can someone tell me why the same ban should not apply to lobbying for corporations as well?


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