Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hacking our Constitutional Foundations

For every shady hacker beating the e-mail leaves, there are millions of politicians, bureaucrats, corporations, foreign agents and lobbyists hacking at the foundation of our constitutional republican democracy.

Here's a good article on the alleged Russian Hacking kerfuffle...

An excerpt:
We should recognize this attack for what it is: an assault on our shared constitutional foundations, which require fair elections, free from foreign interference. That is not a partisan issue.
The stakes involve not only the 2016 election, but future ones, not only the U.S. election but those in other democracies. Since Russia, China, Iran, and other nations have stakes in those, they will be tempted to interfere. The tighter the election, the greater the chances cyberattacks could change the outcome -- and throw that country into disarray.
All true. Having said that, the following thoughts creep in:

* We are so big and so powerful, the entire world has a stake in our elections

* Tempted to interfere? Governments and organizations from all over the world already interfere here, lobbying our government and bombarding us with propaganda. Noisy activists with globalist agendas and petty pamphleteers with narrow nationalist or ethnic sloganeering blast their complaints, bigotry and arguments from here in the US, the world’s biggest stage with the biggest megaphone.

* Are you so naive as to believe domestic and foreign news outlets do not curate the news they aim at America in the hope of nudging us to make the “correct” choice?

* How long before the crafty ones on the left use this "hacking" "scandal" to relaunch their battle against Citizens United and to call for speech restrictions, “for the safety of our elections... democracy..."

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