Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hackers: Doing the Job the Press Just Won't Do

The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!

The Russian Hacking Hysteria is reaching a fevered pitch. If they hacked the election, that would be an act of war, but so far, we only have evidence of them providing us proof of what horrible people Hillary and her staff are.

From the linked article...

“ the heart of Russia's campaign was collecting secret information, such as private communication among political operatives, and then disclosing that material selectively”

So, in other words, they did the same thing our Infotainment-Media Complex does, only unlike the “news media,” they jobbed Democrats instead of Republicans.

The Russians allegedly *GASP!* planted disinformation accurate information:
“The impact of cyber espionage on the 2016 election came through information, not direct manipulation of the results. The information, dribbled out through WikiLeaks, was apparently accurate. The targets never contested any major disclosures as false or fraudulent, though that is certainly a danger in future elections. So far, U.S. spy agencies have not established that the WikiLeaks material came from Russia—or, if they have, they have not shared that nugget.”
Hyperventilating Hillary voters need calm down and consider...

No one knows what the Russians’ motive was.

More importantly, no one can demonstrate how this helped President-elect Trump. Was Comey in league with the Russians? Hillary's Campaign staff, who wouldn't allow her in a situation where she had to answer a real question, feeding the notion of an out-of-touch, aloof, perhaps-sick, shifty politician?

No sane person is alleging any votes were changed. Sure, some leftwing kook fringies are babbling all sorts of tinfoil hat nonsense, but they're way out there in Alex Jones territory. Only apparently, the nutballs and kooks on the left don’t need an Alex Jones to light their imaginations afire--they cook it all up in their own fevered brains, mingle with other leftwing wackadoos at their own crackpotlucks out in Left Kookville where the streetlights are busted and the buses don’t run.

Here’s the most important question:

If Hillary were a paragon of candor and honesty, her candidacy buoyed by a sea of trust and goodwill, does any reasonable person believe any of this would have mattered?

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