Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Progressive Inquisition

Adam Farrell

Hans Feine has some wise words in light of the Progressive Pogrom looking to burn Chip and Joanna Gaines out of their rehabbed HGTV home:
“People who give their kids weird names are unsophisticated morons,” I thought to myself when I was 23 years old and busy substitute-teaching a class full of kids named Brysalynn and Traxton.
Clearly these parents have no love for the culture of their ancestors, which is why their kids are probably named after some organic vinegar bathroom scrub their parents picked up at Whole Foods. I have absolutely nothing in common with people this vapid, so clearly I could never be friends with someone who would name a kid something dumb.”
Then, a few years later, one of my closest friends had a kid and named him something dumb. At the moment of said dumb-named kid’s entrance into this world, two options stood before me.

Option A: I was wrong about baby names, and it was, in fact, possible to be an interesting, intelligent person while also being sweet on absurd baby monikers.

Option B: Despite having a mountain of evidence that my friend was interesting and intelligent, this was all a ruse and he had been a moron the entire time.
Being a reasonable person, he chose Option A.

Folks, the only way we're going to get along is by allowing one another space: To believe differently, to behave differently, and to hold and practice different values.

Like the author, can we approach situations with a little charity, and rather than demonize those who think differently, perhaps reevaluate our own hearts and souls and cut people some slack? This doesn't mean abandoning your beliefs and surrendering to the ideology of others. It simply means tolerating differences of opinion and belief.

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