Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Constitutional Cure for Polarization

Here's an interesting read from Truman Democrat Joel Kotkin. Still suffering aftershocks from "The Trumpening," some on the left are embracing "local control."
What Americans across the political spectrum need to recognize is that centralizing power does not promote national unity, but ever harsher division. Enforced central control, from left or right, polarizes politics in dangerous ways. The rather hysterical reaction to Trump’s election on the left is a case in point, with some in alt-blue California calling for secession from the union.
He're right. We are a fairly-evenly split country. Whichever side is in charge just ends up pissing off the other 50%.
The ever worsening polarization of American politics—demonstrated and accentuated by the Trump victory—is now an undeniable fact of our daily life. Yet rather than allowing the guilty national parties to continue indulging political brinkmanship, we should embrace a strong, constitutional solution to accommodating our growing divide: a return to local control.
Such an approach would allow, within some limits, local constituencies to follow their own course, much as the Founding Fathers suggested, without shaking the fundamentals of the federal union. Localism, as I label this approach, would address the sentiments on both right and left by reversing the consolidation of central power in Washington.
...localism is widely embraced by a broad majority of the American public. By 64 percent to 26 percent, according to a 2015 poll—Americans say that they feel “more progress” on critical issues take place on the local rather than the federal level. Majorities of all political affiliations and all demographic groups hold this same opinion.
I agree. I came to the conclusion long ago that the only way to break the left's love affair with a strong central government was to put the GOP in full control of it.

What do you think?

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