Thursday, October 2, 2014

Coyotes, no really, the canine.

Photo:Yathin S Krishnappa


Coyotes are becoming a problem...

... not just in the United States but all of North and Central America.

“They are killing our animals. They are scaring us. I go out every morning with rocks in my pockets, tennis shoes on, mace on my neck, a whistle on my neck and a foghorn on my leash, and I still don’t feel safe,”

Earlier this month, a woman living in the Leisure World retirement community opened her screen door to pick up her newspaper, only to watch a coyote scamper inside, grab her cat, and run back out. Washington Times

This guy was in Chicago's Lincoln Park

Photo: John Picken
They've been captured in San Francisco's Golden Gate park, New York's Central Park, one even wandered into a Quizno's in downtown Chicago.

Mangled pet carcasses turn up on front lawns, often identifiable only by their tails.  How long before one runs in that open screen door and snatches an infant?

    In rural America, the solution is obvious: Trap and shoot the varmints. In suburbia, however, local governments are increasingly adopting a “coexistence” philosophy promoted by animal rights groups that rejects lethal control in favor of education and behavior modification.

The question is whose behavior is being modified? The coyotes or the humans?

Washington Times

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