Thursday, October 16, 2014

God's Nut House

ISIS is poised to take Baghdad, but the Pentagon is gearing up to fight our nation's #1 imminent threat: Climate Change.

If we can only fight one war at once, I say fight that one.

Better to engage in fantasies akin to ridding the world of unicorn poop than to spend one more dime or one more drop of American blood on that murderous insane asylum known as the middle east. I've been there, been shot at and bombed, and got the permanent tinnitus to prove it. If God were to to give the world a proctology exam; that's where his finger would go.

Why are our airstrikes against ISIS not working?

Because you need JTACs on the ground to coordinate them, and you need soldiers to take advantage of air strikes, and other than the Kurds and a few ragtag bands of anti-assad jihadis, no one else is stepping up. The cowardly Iraqis threw down their arms and ran like little girls, and none of the other regional 'militaries' (whom we arm) are committing any soldiers. Do the Saudis or any other dictatorships even have any soldiers fit for anything besides posing with weapons and oppressing the local populace?

Why isn't Turkey helping? Because ISIS is doing their work right now by killing Kurds. Turkey will step in only when they have to. A cynical game, but remember it was the Turks who committed the Armenian genocide.

Assad and the Iranians stand aside because we are doing their dirty work. And there are other dark and dirty agendas bubbling beneath the surface.

Holding the Jihadi Puppet Masters Accountable (or not)

Cold Wars Simmer in the Middle East

Any solution we attempt to impose would not be viable. Iraq and Afghanistan stand as two sad examples. The peoples of those lands will have to sort it out themselves.

Imposing our version of a 'solution' on bellicose and backward Muslims has not worked. This stands in contrast to places like Nicaragua and El Salvador in Central America, Columbia in South America, and The Philippines, where we provided assistance and the people there did the fighting, bleeding, sacrificing and dying to achieve an outcome that they themselves conceived and strove for.

We've had no success in the Middle East because we were the ones doing the sacrificing, bleeding and dying, and it was our vision, not theirs. They need to do this themselves. Sure, they are not all jihadis, but too many of them are either OK with organizations like ISIS, or are too cowardly to stand up to them.

Think I'm being harsh? 

Recall how the Iraqis opposed us there, mortaring our bases every day, blowing up our convoys with IEDs, and destroying Iraq's petroleum producing infrastructure.

Why aren't they doing that now to ISIS?

Finally, in an ironic twist so common to the Islamic world as to be unremarkable, Christian George Bush's actions in Iraq resulted in more Christians being kills and chased from their homes than if he had left Saddam alone. Same applies in Syria.
Why is Obama expending more blood and treasure there?

Haven't we done enough damage already?

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