Friday, October 10, 2014

Speaker's Corner: Friday Free-For-All

I'll get you started:

HHS: "There may be other Ebola cases in the US".  

Of course there may, we never had any doubts of that, you're not doing anything effective to prevent its arrival.

CDC: "No way to eliminate Ebola risk in US".

Of course there is no way to eliminate the risk in the US, even if you stop them at the airport they can still walk across the border... but that is entirely another government induced problem.

There is a way to significantly reduce the risk of Ebola in the US.  Last time I checked, although given this administration I may be wrong now, you needed a passport to get into the US.  Passports are stamped as you enter/exit countries... anyone from west Africa with a recent exit stamp from Ebola countries, or lacking any stamp at all can automatically be quarantined for the requisite 21 days.

IHR: "Flight cancellations and other travel restrictions continue to isolate affected countries, resulting in detrimental economic consequencesThose three countries stand to lose up to $809 million by the end of 2014."

Honestly? I don't give a rat's ass.  How about you? Any of you have some overwhelming desire for Liberian products about now? Concerned about medical access? We already have troops there, I'm sure we can spare a C-17 to ferry medical personnel back and forth as necessary.  

Family of Dallas Ebola Patient Who Died Upset Over 'Unfair' Treatment

Really? You're gonna go there? 

"The care provided Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan may have cost as much as half a million dollars, a bill Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas is unlikely to ever collect."

You going to pay it? Not only did he lie to get here, you most likely just stuck the American taxpayer with the bill.  

Federal health officials will require temperature checks for the first time at five major American airports for people arriving from the three West African countries hardest hit by the deadly Ebola virus. However, health experts said the measures were more likely to calm a worried public than to prevent many people with Ebola from entering the country. NYT

Just as groping granny isn't going to protect you from terrorism, taking temperatures isn't going to protect you from Ebola... and they admit it.  But this is indicative of what your government thinks of you plebes... it's all about the optics.  

Have at it... any topic under the sun.

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