Friday, November 4, 2016


Photo: Roland Scheicher
 22.Qf6+! was the sacrifice move in what is known in chess circles as "the immortal game" between Anderssen and Kieseritzky in 1851.

Yesterday Ducky offered us a "valid Trump support profile", to that I will reply that a valid Trump support profile is anyone who does not want Hillary Rodham Corruption as the President of These United States.

At this point you've probably managed to put 2 and 22.Qf6+! together and come to the realization that yes, I have voted against Clinton, I won't say who I voted for as it ought to be obvious, but let us just say it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and leave it at that.  It seriously causes me to question FPTP (First Past The Post) voting.

I am, I would like to think, what you would call a serious voter, for example my wife and I actually read all 17 judicial performance reviews of the judges on our ballot for retention. (In Colorado Judges are appointed, face a retention vote two years later and every four years thereafter).  I can honestly say that I did not consider political affiliation in my decision on any of them, I can also honestly say that my wife and I are the exception rather than the rule.

There are some serious problems with voting in America and I'm not talking about the bull that either Trump or Clinton are spreading.  The average American voter is apathetic regarding the political decisions given to them, or perhaps I should just simply call them pathetic.  If the majority of Americans made their football picks the same way as they vote they'd be making their decisions based on who had the prettier uniform or the coolest emblem.  Yes, sadly most Americans spend more intellectual capital on their football pool than the general election.

Most of the people who come here and post are passionate about their beliefs, more so than the common man.  They may sometimes get lazy and regurgitate other people's talking points, but most can also put forth a rational argument defending their beliefs, for that they ought to be commended.  Make no mistake, most who come here and post are also the exception rather than the rule.

SF likens voting for Trump as throwing a Molotov cocktail, I disagree... voting for Trump is voting against Clinton, sacrificing a piece now for the bigger picture, for the end game.  Trump is a Molotov cocktail that's going to go out as soon as you throw it, the flames quenched by all the Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate that aren't Trump.

I voted and I'm pissed about it.

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