Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Secretary of State

According to the Infotainment-Media Complex, these are the men on President-elect Trump's short list for Secretary of State:

Rudy Giuliani
John Bolton
Mitt Romney
David Petraeus

I list them in order of my preference, from worst to best.

I don't know why Giuliani is even on the list...

John Bolton is a belligerent neocon with a temperament unsuitable for the greatest nation's top diplomat.

Mitt Romney would be a great Secretary of State. As a bonus, he could clean out Foggy Bottom, revitalize and reorganize it. His foreign contacts are many, he's a smart man, and he would represent us well on the world stage.  The only downside would be if he went into the job with intentions of forging his own path and clashing with the president.

David Petraeus is my choice. Yes, he was prosecuted for intentionally mishandling classified information, and yes, he cheated on his wife.  He has paid his price and mended his marriage. I believe in redemption and second chances, especially for someone with unique talents that our nation needs.

What do you think?

Also, please feel free to comment on other Trump picks or rumored candidates for other posts

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