Monday, November 28, 2016

Wringing Hands and Gnashing Teeth

Photo: Elibeck

The Clinton campaign held out little hope of success in any of the three states, and said it had seen no “actionable evidence” of vote hacking that might taint the results or otherwise provide new grounds for challenging Donald J. Trump’s victory.

The Federal government did not observe any increased level of malicious cyber activity aimed at disrupting our electoral process on election day. As we have noted before, we remained confident in the overall integrity of electoral infrastructure, a confidence that was borne out on election day. As a result, we believe our elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective.

New York Times 

Jill Stein - The new "Chad" hanging around an American election.
Jill Stein - Struggling for relevancy in the face of unmitigated loss.

Don't worry, for all you candidates that aren't Donald Trump - Here's your participation trophy:


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