Monday, November 21, 2016

The Trumpening has driven the Left Mad

A psychologist has written a very long and quite exhaustive refutation of the progressive anti-Trump hysteria. You can read it here: Slate Star Codex: You are Still Crying Wolf

After knocking down every kook theory and unhinged accusation, he concludes. And he speaks for all of us normal people watching the rioting, safe space thumb-sucking, diaper rash rants, media meltdowns and hyper-hysteria heebee jeebees:
Why am I harping on this?
I work in mental health. So far I have had two patients express Trump-related suicidal ideation. One of them ended up in the emergency room, although luckily both of them are now safe and well. I have heard secondhand of several more. 
Stop making people suicidal. Stop telling people they’re going to be killed. Stop terrifying children. Stop giving racism free advertising. Stop trying to convince Americans that all the other Americans hate them. Stop. Stop. Stop.
Robert E. Heller performs a similar, more concise service in his essay, Trump's Triumph, explained. The real reason the left is going crazy is because their worldview is shattered. As one of their propagandists said, they cried wolf one too many times.
And here is where we find the essential key to understanding why Trump really won. For decades, Republicans have largely conceded to false assertions that the left holds the moral high ground. This cycle, that changed. Donald Trump, who is unaccustomed to conceding anything, did not go quietly into that good night.
Voters' affection for him sprang from the same well as Abraham Lincoln's for Ulysses Grant: He fights!
Instead of silence when accused of racism, Trump pointed out that leftist do-gooders have subjected black America to horrifying inner city rates of both crime and poverty, trapped their kids in appallingly bad schools, and driven unemployment rates among their youth into the stratosphere.
Instead of meekness when accused of xenophobia, Trump insisted that "sanctuary cities" are madness when they demonstrably result in the release of caught criminals who continue to victimize innocents. Instead of conceding by lack of response that he is misogynist, he highlighted his opponent blithely receiving millions of dollars from foreigners from countries that forbid women to drive and stone rape victims. And then he put a smart, accomplished woman in charge of his successful campaign.
Trump won because many millions of people are very, very tired of the moral condescension of people who mistakenly believe that they are incapable of being wrong on fundamental moral questions - despite the relative ease of demonstrating the absurdity of that belief.
And if the left clings to that same smugness going forward, then its losing streak is just beginning.

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