Monday, November 14, 2016

Recovering Inkaholics? The Addiction to Point and Laugh Liberalism

The Trumpening has left the The Infotainment Media Complex stunned and gob-stopped. Their view of reality shattered when Trump passed 270 electoral votes, thanks to Wisconsin *Blue Progressive Wisconsin!* I know how they feel and I sympathize.  I was stunned in 2008 when the "impossible" happened: My fellow Americans chose a Muslim-named street activist from Chicago over a conservative-lite war hero.

Such events are bracing, and the mentally-healthy adjust their view of reality based upon them. Defiant leftists who are mentally-unstable are crying foul. What hurts the worse, a burning coal up their arrogant arses, is that President-Elect Trump bludgeoned them with their own cudgels:
"Trump had a way of taking to Twitter and could literally change the narrative because he had such a large following,"
"It's organized digital bullying,"
"In this way, you have untruths and falsehoods that transit through our media ecosystem and become a tidal wave."
"It became possible for him to construct an alternate narrative, I would say an alternate reality," he said.
This final whine emanating from the progressive hive was the most ironic:
"The health of democracy depends on people being exposed to both sides of an issue" 
Indeed. And had the Infotainment Media Complex done that, people wouldn't have had to seek out "alternate realities"

Trumpled by Reality

While most in the Infotainment Media Complex--who get it so wrong, so often--arrogantly march on, some in the press are in a defensive crouch, worrying a Dictator Trump will exact his revenge.
Trump is challenging the legitimacy of traditional media at a time of low public standing and great financial stress for the industry, especially newspapers. In September, a Gallup poll found that just 32 percent of Americans have a “great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in the media, the lowest level in the poll’s history.
Recovering Inkaholics?

But that's not worth wasting time on. I don't want a rightwing press, I don't want a libertarian press--I want an agnostic press, a skeptical press, a press that gets to know the big, wide, diverse world outside its cozy group-think bubble.

Here are a few refreshing and stunning bursts of healthy self-examination from some of the scribblers on the left. Both articles are worth a full reading:
This is all symptomatic of modern journalism’s great moral and intellectual failing: its unbearable smugness. Had Hillary Clinton won, there’d be a winking “we did it” feeling in the press, a sense that we were brave and called Trump a liar and saved the republic.
There’s been some sympathy from the press, sure: the dispatches from “heroin country” that read like reports from colonial administrators checking in on the natives. But much of that starts from the assumption that Trump voters are backward... (Will Rahn -- Unbearable Smugness of the Press)

"The Deplorables Got the Last Laugh"
Let's Face it: Liberals helped stoke the rage that elected Donald Trump
You can believe that half the country is racist if you want, and there’s no question that there’s an undercurrent of anger in Trump’s stunning rise. But that anger isn’t directed at any individual ethnic group. It’s more inchoate than that.
It’s rage at institutions that people believe have failed them forever. It’s rage at an economy that doesn’t work for ordinary folks. It’s rage at a cultural milieu that perceives too many non-coastal Americans as buffoons. It’s rage at the aftermath of a financial crisis and Great Recession, in which the gap between winners and losers just grew larger, and the two-tiered system of justice paraded on full display. It’s rage at an elite class that people feel is lined up against them. (New Republic - David Dayen)
Trumpled Myths, Shattered Shibboleths

President Trump can help us along our path of seeing reality as it really is by proving just how hysterically wrong the progressive alarums and ahoogah horns of calamity were.

* Fairy Tale #1, "The markets will crash!" has already fallen.

The credibility of nut-filled progressive screamers will fall further when...

- Trump fails to grow a Hitler mustache and start shoving Jews into ovens.

- No footage appears of Trump's stormtroopers dragging poor immigrants from their homes and marching them to the border

- America's Muslims and LGBTQ continue to enjoy the best life available to them anywhere on the planet, and anti-Muslim and anti-gay pogroms fail to materialize

Trump has a real opportunity to show America and the world just how wrong the hysterical leftwing lying liars and the progressive scare-mongers are. Add is some healthy self-examination and self-adjustment by the press, and perhaps we can restore some sanity to society.

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