Monday, November 7, 2016

After the dust settles...

It Doesn't Matter
If You Win or Lose
It's How You
Play the Game

Think about that for a moment.  Tomorrow is the 2016 election, does the outcome really matter? Or is how the game was played more important?

The game, was played badly, by both sides.  What are the repercussions of that going to be? 

Faith in institutions has crumbled, do the results really matter?  If Clinton wins vast swaths of the electorate are going to believe the fix was in.  The same can be said if Trump wins.

How is each side going to view the other after this is all over? Unless one side or the other wins in an overwhelming landslide sweeping the White House, House, and Senate, the battle lines have been formed, the troops arrayed.  After the dust of the initial clash clears there is going to be a long and ugly time of trench warfare ahead.

Forget who wins or loses, what do you think the next four years are going to hold politically? 

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