Thursday, November 10, 2016

Quit Your Whingeing

You have no one to blame but yourselves running corruption incarnate as your candidate, a feeling I think expressed quite loudly the other day by many of my fellow Americans. Frankly I'd have voted for Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein if that was what was necessary to keep Clinton out of the Oval office.


Got news for you, he's as much your President as Obama has been our President for the past eight years.  Get Over It... if it makes you little snowflakes happy we'll send Hillary a Participation Trophy.

Anti-Trump Protests.  Really? What are you protesting? The choice of your fellow Americans?  Have at it, frankly we don't give care. While I respect your right to assemble and protest I'm not paying any more attention to you than I would a child throwing a tantrum.

Yes, Clinton has at the moment a slight lead in the popular vote between her and Trump of about 200,000 votes, but we don't elect presidents by popular vote and you have the same proportional representation in the electoral college that you have in the legislatures.  As it stands right now Hillary Clinton has 59,814,018 votes... but 65,685,400 didn't vote for Clinton.  Clearly the majority didn't want Clinton, so quit your whingeing.

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