Tuesday, November 5, 2013

All Vampires are not Young and Sexy

Vampires Need Fresh Blood

Why do America’s plutocrats and political overlords want Amnesty and a continuing stream of illegal immigrants? (All dressed up as “Immigration Reform,” of course)

Why go overseas to exploit cheap labor when its so much easier to do it right here in the good ol' U$ of A? By importing cheap labor and keeping our underclass just barely above water with government handouts, America's corporatocracy avoids the unpleasantness of bribing their way through byzantine third-word government bureaucracies in poor, corrupt foreign capitals.  Now, DC is the only byzantine, third-word, poor, corrupt government that must be bribed.  Those Ivy Leaguers sure are efficient!

Mark Krikorian, bête noir of the Open Border Stampedists, wrote an article in National Review detailing how America’s billionaires, modern-day robber barons all, and not a conservative in the bunch, are vampirically thirsting for more immigration. Vampires need fresh blood: The bloodsucking crapitalists thirst for cheap labor, and the government vote-buying Ponzi schemes disguised as ‘social programs’ need an ever increasing inflow of rubes.

Krikorian talks about a propaganda video the oligarchs funded...
there were some amusing bits: Al Cardenas, head of the American Conservative Union, said that we need immigration because our population is declining (in fact, even with zero immigration — zero — our population would continue to increase for generations, beyond which projections are meaningless). 

Also, Tony Massif, lobbyist for California agribusiness, said that if we don’t import more stoop labor from abroad, then we’ll have to import more food, meaning our enemies would “control our food supply.” (You know, because all that corn and wheat in the Midwest is being hand-harvested by Guatemalan peasants.) (
National Review)
This is about importing cheap labor to drive down wages. Liberals and labor unions used to call such workers scabs, but because they are undocumented Democrat party voters, it’s all good.

Assimilation? It was a progressive master stroke to mire such antiquated notions in the bog of cultural relativism by asking pensively, “What is an American?” Anyone foolish enough to answer was branded a racist by the Ministry of PC Public Opinion, and that was the end of that foolishness.

Immigrants are not bad people.  I am not one of those who think they come here to mooch off of us. I view them as the Darwinian heroes who have the courage and determination to pick up and make a better life for themselves. But our progressive, Democrat vote-buying nanny state turns these entrepreneurial people with a killer work ethic into typical, grievance-nursing, lazy Americans with their hands out. That is the part that sickens me. We have a burgeoning native-born underclass, dysfunctional and unemployable, yet we import more.

Soros, Zuckerberg, Pelosi and their fellow batwinged oligarchs, fanged plutocrats, and hog-snouted politicians live in their own worlds and don't have to deal with the cultural fallout going on in our working class neighborhoods.

Here is my favorite comment from the National Review article:
Nationalize the Billionaires!
(If you want to be socialist, put your money where your mouth is.)
Until we get off our knees and start despising the rich and powerful as the parasites they are, nothing will change.

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