Monday, November 25, 2013


"It's a Macho Thing"

The male victim was riding his bike along the 900 block of Catherine Street in the Bella Vista section of the city just before 8 p.m. on Friday when he was randomly punched by a group of teens,  police said.  After being hit, police say the cyclist asked the group -- made up of five teen boys and three teen girls -- why they hit him. Without answering, the group then continued beating the man.  Story here

It's Twice in the Chest, not Twice in the Ass

Marvell Weaver, 17, was playing a variation of "knockout," a brutal and senseless game in which an assailant sucker punches an unsuspecting person with the intention of knocking him unconscious with one blow. The difference was that Weaver decided to attack his victim with a stun gun.  Weaver approached the victim and turned, pressing the stun gun into the victim's side repeatedly. The weapon misfired, and Weaver turned to flee.  The victim thought he had been stabbed, drew his weapon and fired two shots, striking Weaver in the buttocks. Story here

5 Deaths Attributed to "Knockout" Game

At least 5 deaths have been attributed to the "knockout" game in New Jersey, New York, Minnesota, Missouri, and Massachusetts.  Undoubtedly there have been more that weren't recognized as such.  Another death was attributed to the game, called "Bombing" in England, in Manchester.  

I'd Call Them Animals, but...

It would be an insult to animals everywhere.  I have zero tolerance or compassion for this depraved and sociopathic behavior.  In Syracuse, a man exiting a grocery store was attacked and later died... the vermin that killed him got 18 months for manslaughter.  I say...

Hang Them from the Frigging Lamposts!  

Just for the Fun of it though.


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