Friday, November 15, 2013

I assume everything I do electronically is subject to monitoring



NSA Surveillance Drives Writers to Self-Censor

Is the title of Pen American Center study and report examining the influence and side effects of revealed NSA surveillance.

The PEN American Center is the largest branch of PEN International, the world’s leading literary and human rights organization.

Some interesting findings about writers


28% have curtailed or avoided social media activities

24% have deliberately avoided certain topics in phone or email conversations

16% have deliberately avoided writing or speaking about certain topics

16% have refrained from conducting internet searches or visiting websites on topics that may be considered controversial or suspicious

13%  have take steps to disguise or cover their digital footprints

Read the whole report Here

Is This your America? Is This the America you want?

The findings of this survey and subsequent responses from PEN writers substantiate significant impingement on freedom of expression as a result of U.S. Government surveillance. While it may not be surprising that those who rely on free expression for their craft and livelihood feel greater unease about surveillance than most, the impact on the free flow of information should concern us all.


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