Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Best and Brightest

Mickey Kaus, one of my favorite observers on the scene, had this to say about the Obamacare disaster:
The Obama administration is this close to being the object of one of the most vicious forms of condescension in the MSM arsenal: the Call for Wise Men. David Gergen almost gets there in this interview on NPR, and the night is young.
Kaus laments that there are few wise men left who have not been discredited...
Gergen ... too clich├ęd. Bill Clinton ... wouldn’t take the job anyway. [...] Al Gore has gotten too weird.
Finally, Kaus puts out a call to us, the great unwashed, to suggest wise men and women who should be summoned to help President Obama right his severely-listing ship.

My first thought: Is Doctor Kevorkian still around?

My favorite reader comment:
Ritchie The Riveter
The 300 million problem-solvers who should be handling it among themselves, instead of being subordinated to a small gaggle of alleged Best and Brightest.

Or to put it another way, the Call for Wise Men needs to really be the Call to give this problem back to the REALLY Wise Men and Women who have to live with the results ... and just make sure the way is clear for them to solve this problem, instead of the Best and Brightest trying to jam their socio-economic morality down our throats.
Who or what would you suggest?

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