Monday, November 4, 2013

Googligan’s Island

What’s up with those Google barges?

Maybe if we're lucky, the CIA will call in a drone strike and we can watch it on cable tv or our smart phones. Spy organizations are very jealous of one another.

Here were two of my favorite reader comments from the article I read about the Google Barges looming off our coasts like enemy warships:

It's "Gooligans Island" they're going to float their data base into international waters to avoid Taxes, Legal restrictions and the NSA. 
Its a huge Faraday Box. They know what is coming
My first thought was tax avoidance...

Those Silicon Valley Moguls are the new robber barons. They lavish millions in campaign donations to progressive candidates, but use their power and privilege to avoid paying progressivism’s prices. Typical liberal hypocrites. How many working class jobs have these millionaires created? Hint:  None, unless you consider peddling their useless crap from a shopping mall kiosk fulfilling work. They give us toys made in China to get us to hold still while they suck us dry.

Let’s state it simply, folks. Google is Evil, as is all of Silicon Valley. They don’t produce anything that benefits mankind, they provide scant middle class jobs, they spy on us, and they provide dictators the technology to quash dissent and tyrannize their people.


We’re already there. It’s the political class, the Hollywood elites and the rich and powerful on that spaceship/barge/gated community, with the rest of us stranded down below/grounded/locked out.

UPDATE: Mystery solved! Google is avoiding California’s crushing tax and regulatory burdens. Typical latte leftists. Talk the talk but won’t walk the walk.

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