Friday, November 22, 2013


The Nuclear Option

Honestly, I'm not that concerned.  The changes made while contrary to precedence are within the purview of the Senate making its own rules.  The five constitutional supermajority requirements stills stand:

1. Overriding Presidential Vetoes
2. Removing Federal Officers
3. Ratifying Treaties
4. Removing Members
5. Proposing Constitutional Amendments

Goose, meet Gander, Gander, Goose.

Some things democrats ought to consider:

Conservative US Court of Appeals nominees filibustered by Democrats.  Now you might think by the length of this list that the list is comprehensive, it isn't, it only includes nominees from Bush I and Bush II.

Miguel Estrada, Priscilla Owen, Charles Pickering, Carolyn Kuhl, David McKeage, Henry Saad, Richard Griffin, William Pryor, William Meyers, Janice Brown, Thomas Griffith, Terrence Boyle, William Haynes, Michael Wallace, Peter Keisler, Robert Conrad, Steve Matthews, Glen Conrad, William E Smith, Debra Ann Livingston, Loretta Preska, Shalom Stone, Gene Pratter, Paul Diamond, Claude Allen, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Conrad, Susan Neilson, Stephen Murphy, Jeffrey Sutton, Deborah Cook, Philip Simon, Randy Smith, James Payne, Jerome Holmes, William Steele, John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh.

Conservative District Court Nominees filibustered by Democrats.

Lincoln Almond, Mary Donahue, Thomas Marcelle, Carolyn Short, Colm Connolly, Thomas Farr, David Novak, William Powell, David Dugas, J. Richard Barry, Daniel Ryan, Gustavus Puryear, John Tharp, Timothy Dugan, J Mac Davis, James Rogan, Fredrick Rohlfing, Marco Hernandez, Gregory Goldberg, Richard Honaker, William Jung, Jeffrey Rosen, Michael O'Neill.

Harry Reid's Rules

Under the new Senate rules, all of these conservatives would have been judges.

What goes around, comes around.  Enjoy!

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