Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Greenies Fool With Mother Nature

It's not enough for the leftwing Gaia-worshipers to starve people to feed cars via biofuels programs, now they are destroying the planet by encouraging farmers to tear up virgin prairie.
What the green-energy program has made profitable, however, is far from green. A policy intended to reduce global warming is encouraging a farming practice that actually could worsen it.

That's because plowing into untouched grassland releases carbon dioxide that has been naturally locked in the soil. It also increases erosion and requires farmers to use fertilizers and other industrial chemicals. In turn, that destroys native plants and wipes out wildlife habitats.

It appeared so damaging that scientists warned that America's corn-for-ethanol policy would fail as an anti-global warming strategy if too many farmers plowed over virgin land. (
Starving people to feed cars is immoral, as is the destruction of our lands and habitats for crazy statist schemes. The federal government eggs this on with billions in subsidies to "green" industries.  Where are the "Not in My Name!" People?

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