Thursday, November 7, 2013

Crack Open A Cold One

The Walking Dead

Twilight, True Blood, and the Walking Dead

Not to mention everything else from Frankenstein and Dracula to Night of the Living Dead and World War Z, and it seems the CDC.  We seem to have a rabid preoccupation with the undead.

AMC's season premiere of The Walking Dead drew 16.1 million viewers beating every other scripted show on TV and in the 18-49 demographic it beat the NFL Washington-Dallas game.

From Monster to Sex Symbol

Rolling Stone

HBO's defining series since the end of the Sopranos has been the eighth highest rated show on IMDb.  A show primarily about vampires, but with fairies and werewolves thrown in for good measure.  USA Today called it a blood-drenched Gothic Romance.

We do watch True Blood, and I have seen all the Twilight movies, but that is really more my wife's choice.  True Blood is tolerable, but I found the Twilight series rather juvenile, which I do believe is its intended audience.

Theories Abound

Anthropologists, Psychologists, Sociologists all study it and the theories range from latent necrophilia to our unending quest for immortality.

I have to admit, the wife and I also watch Walking Dead, although it is one of the few zombie shows/movies I've ever watched through, with the exception of the British comedic Shawn of the Dead.  I am not a fan of crude blood and gore horror, although Walking Dead seems to transcend that genre, despite all the blood and gore. 

For those who don't like zombies: Seven Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Quickly Fail

They're Everywhere

2012 saw 20 movie releases in the zombie genre, 11 in the vampire genre, and only 9 werewolf films... and three of those had vampires in them.

What do you think? What is our fascination with the undead?

I know, I should have posted this on Halloween, but it was the comments in my November 1st post that got me thinking about it.

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