Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bocopro's Case Against Hillary Rodham Clinton

A dispatch from the desk of the Boone Country Professor...

Year-and-a-half still to go, and already I'm sick and tired of hearing about HC.

Hillary Clinton has never run a town, city, county, or state during her “career” as Slick’s wife. She has 8 years’ experience in the White House, but so does the cook, the housekeepers, the Secret Service guys, and the people who answer the phones.

Her signature achievement as SecState was allowing a US ambassador to be murdered while she chanted the regime mantra that terrorism was on the run. Her own famous statement pretty well sums up her tenure at State: “What difference does it make?”

Lying, hypocrisy, selfishness, pandering, and controversy are the foundations of her entire adult life. The e-mail hypocrisy she established and hid behind was deliberately designed as a CYA strategy for precisely the sorts of scandals she’s gotten herself involved in, especially Benghazi-gate and the Clinton Foundation funding subterfuge.

Other than name recognition and gender, she has exactly zero qualifications for PotUS candidacy. Her only appeal is “It’s about time we had a female president.” Both her work and private history comprise enough baggage to fill every C-130 and C-5 the US military can muster up, but except for one or two obligatory remarks by the NYT, the mainstream media consider all her mistakes, shortcomings, and failures “old news” and refuse to cover them.

Right now, since she has no legitimate competition for the Dem nomination, she’s content to stall, stonewall, and simply avoid answering questions of import and substance. After her coronation as the nominee, though, she’ll have to begin prepping for genuine debates with whatever victim the RNC comes up with to run against her.

And in a debate, she comes armed with zilch. She couldn’t debate her way out of the simplest questions concerning real issues, such as national defense spending or same-sex marriage or immigration reform or debt reduction or anything that matters.

She is a deficient debater, an awful author, a soporific speaker, and a frumpy female. My prediction is that the Clinton Foundation has a team of researchers already digging into the lives of anyone who could possibly run against her as the Dem nominee as well as those likely to get the GOP nod.

And if they don’t find something scandalous or illegal, they’ll do exactly what Harry Reid did to Romney: generate a baseless rumor for their attack dogs to repeat so often in the alphabet networks that it takes on a life of its own and undercuts anyone with the temerity to challenge her right to the PotUSy.

Hillary is getting old. And she has old ideas, old tactics, old scandals, old baggage. Basically, she’s old news herself. What great fun it would be to have Congress hold her to the same standards that everyone outside of Boston would hold Tom Brady to. But waiting for that to happen is like waiting for Al Gore’s AGW to drown half the people on the planet with glacier melt.

Hillary Clinton is overrated. She’s overhyped. She’s overpromoted, overvalued, overconfident, overpriced, overbearing, overreaching, overpaid, over-age, and overweight.

For the good of the nation and probably the entire planet, I think she should be overlooked as a PotUS candidate, and if nominated, overruled. If elected, she should be overthrown.

-- Bocopro

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