Monday, June 15, 2015

Is the United States of America still a Sovereign Nation?

I read the foreign press because you get news that goes unreported here in the US. Sometimes you get some strange stuff from places like Russian outlet RT.  Here's an article so incredible, I present it in its entirety:

San Francisco (AFP) - The head of the nonprofit group World Without Borders expressed confidence Thursday that Governance of the United States of America would be out of Washington DC's control by decade's end.

Darwin Ratalalla, speaking from Davos, said all the necessary components for a new stewardship scheme are accounted for and there will be "major legitimizing endorsements" from several countries, The United Nations, and the Soros Group in coming months.

Shazira Fadl, President Obama's Commerce Secretary, agrees.  "It is now up to the international community to wrap the United States up, put a nice bow on it, and deliver it to the world. The United States is a global treasure of universities, vast natural resources, and a beautiful diversity of peoples and cultures.  We speak and vote in over 100 languages here.  It's beautiful."

"The United states is too important to be left to the Americans," continued Fadl, a dedicated internationalist and the first non-US citizen cabinet member. Her pick stirred controversy at the time, but Boehner's GOP House and McConnell's GOP senate fast-tracked her nomination on a voice vote, reportedly in exchange for five cases of bourbon and a box of autographed golf balls from the White House.

US Senator Bernie Sanders was livid. "Who loves their country now? Folks like Ron Wyden, Martin O'Malley and I, or the booze-swilling gluttonous warthogs in the GOP who sold this nation to the rapacious international war pigs and their international corporate puppet masters?"

The Vermont Senator's angry outburst drew rare agreement from Ross Perot.

"Clinton brought us NAFTA, the government now spies on us through household appliances, and that sucking sound you hear is Barack Obama using the Trans-Pacific Partnership to sell off what's left."  The former GOP presidential candidate paused, squinted into the setting sun and continued.  "And the crouching weasels in the GOP leadership helped him do it."

The uproar comes a year after Obama Administration officials, global elites and members of the intelligentsia fleshed out the plan during plenary dialogues sponsored by the Aspen Institute. The aim is to "turn over governance" to what Ratalalla calls a "global multistakeholder community."

Noam Chomsky emerged from the White House and voiced support for the Obama Administration initiative.

"The United States is now a global nation; it belongs to the world. It used to be a melting pot, but that's outmoded. People no longer have to suppress who they are and bow to white privilege to live here. Ending the citizenship requirement for voting is a step forward, and the destiny of this nation is now beyond the white occupiers and the figureheads they elect."

Representative Bob Goodlatte said there had been "concerns routinely expressed by a wide array of stakeholders about the accountability, execution and transparency of non-Governmental Organizations like those who seek control of life in the US."

Cass Sunstein laughed at this and said the same charges could be leveled at congress, which he characterized as an "ossified body standing in the way of Progress."

"I feel the proposal will lead us to a global, independent, neutral, well-governed international nation," Sunstein added.

Some critics still argue that Washington is "giving away" the country, posing long-term threats to all Americans, but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi swatted down that notion.

"Americans? What the hell does that mean?" Nancy Pelosi snapped back from her walled compound at an undisclosed location in Marin County. "We're all Americans now."

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