Friday, June 19, 2015

Queer Marriage

Pope Francis admonished single people living together to abandon their sinful ways and either live celibate lives or get married, and 20-someting Obama voters cheered...

The Pontiff also called abortion and homosexual acts sinful, and pop culture spilled over with praise for him...

OK, those things didn't happen, but the Pope did come out and give a gigantic ecumenical wet kiss to Reverend Al Gore's International Church of Gaia. Here is the document, Laudato si, and it is as humble and unassuming as the un-scientific lecturing loudmouths who peddle the global warming garbage to us. 

Remember when Leftists used to Criticize Vatican "Science?"

Julia Hartley-Brewer gives us a quick recap on the Vatican's record on science:
It did, after all, take until 1992 for the Roman Catholic Church to formally acknowledge that it was wrong to persecute Galileo for proving in the 17th century that the Earth moves around the Sun rather than the other way round.

And as recently as 2009, Pope Benedict XVI was busy telling Africans facing the deadly threat of AIDS that condoms would not protect them from HIV, despite all the clear medical evidence to the contrary.
Brewer sounds like a climate change denier, but she's actually a hostile Vatican critic, voicing her opposition to Catholic doctrine on "contraception, abortion, the right to die, divorce, gay marriage" and "women priests."

What Moral Authority?

Finally, she craps in the progressive party punchbowl by reminding us that the Vatican is still trying to clean up its horrible pedophilia scandal that involved not just homosexual priests preying on young boys, but church hierarchy covering it all up.

So, how much moral authority does the Pope have, and what is the scope of this posited moral authority?

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Only the loony left would ignore a holy man when he speaks on faith and morals, but treat his words as sacrosanct when he lectures out of school on climate and economics.

The left is full of shit, and I call bullshit on them. They hate the Catholic Church, it's teachings, and most of them are indifferent or downright hostile to Biblical Christianity.  They miscast Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as nothing more than an "it's all good" hippie guru who gives their sinful behavior a wink and a thumbs-up.

The left's reaction to this encyclical is shot through with dishonesty and sarcasm.  It is just one more volley in a never-ending tribal propaganda war, and reasonable people should say so at every turn.

Two logical fallacies scream out in bright red from this Kookville carnival. Can you spot them?

What other fallacious reasoning, specious argumentation and logical inconsistencies can you point out?

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