Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Obama's Chickenhawks Coming Home to Roost

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Obama is rushing more troops to Iraq to shore up Iran's puppet government there, freeing Iran to rush troops to Syria to shore up the besieged Assad regime. Who do we want to win in this situation?

The Iranian Mullahs, who run the country where the "Death to America" chant has been #1 on the charts since 1979?

Or are Obama and his Warlord Girls Club sitting in the Situation Room rooting for ISIS?
"...this is an issue of Russia's image in the Middle East. The events that happen there affect Russia's security. Russia has always supported the government of Bashar Assad, so if Assad's government falls, God forbid, then it would be a defeat for Russia." (Pravda)
Do we refrain from adequately arming the Iraqi Kurds (the only group there with any affinity for the US) in order to not upset Turkey, a NATO ally who hates our guts?
"They do not fight with the Kurds, but invest in them to strengthen positions there, given the dependence of Iraqi Kurdistan on transit via Turkey. Today, Turkey is the third largest investor in the region, following the United States and Israel." (Pravda)
Whose side are we on in Syria?
While US weapons were provided to groups associated with the Free Syrian Army, they have fought alongside Nusra in the Army of Conquest.
In March, Nusra received injections of funds and guns – which found their way to IS. (Irish Times)
Nusra is an arm of Al Qaeda. Isn't our government against terrorism?

Does the US government really want to defeat ISIS?

What's our end-game in Iraq? Defeat ISIS so Iran can have another client state?

Where are the #Occupy Mom's Basement dope smokers and the Code Stinko Pinkos?

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