Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sorry We're Closed

I found this interesting... the mayor of Belmar, NJ shut down traffic into the town on Sunday claiming that the town had reached its capacity.  He may have been right, the town which has a year round population of around 6,000 swells to about 60,000 during the summer. On Sunday, the final day of the 29th annual seafood festival combined with near perfect weather estimates placed the number of people in the town of upwards of 200,000.

According to reports, unless you had a driver's license with a Belmar address you weren't getting in.  Makes me wonder what people who have a second home there thought of the entrance criteria, if it was me I'd be P.O'd.  I grew up going to the Jersey shore, and have lived in resort areas on both Cape Cod and here in Colorado and can't ever recall a town closing before.  What do you think? 

And if you're wondering why this town may seem familiar, it was where Tony Soprano kept his boat in the HBO series.


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