Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gaze into your Crystal Ball...

John William Waterhouse
Stratfor recently released their decade forecast with the following predictions.

1. Russia will collapse.

2. The US will need to secure Russia's nukes.

3. Germany is going to suffer economic reversals.

4. Poland's European political influence will increase.

5. Europe will balkanize into West, East, Scandinavia, and the British Isles.

6. Turkey and the US will move closer together.

7. China will suffer economic reversals and increased internal oppression.

8. Japan will become a major naval power.

9. The South China Sea will wane as a source of friction while Russia's diminished ability to exert naval influence will cause a new source as China and Japan spar in the vacuum.

10. 16 emergent economies will replace China as an economic powerhouse.

11. US power will decline as it voluntarily becomes less engaged on the world stage.

Accurate or not? What do you think will happen in the world 2015-2025?


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