Monday, August 17, 2015

Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead!

OK, the headline is a little premature...

Simple Question:  Will Hillary survive the e-mail scandal?

The FBI may be investigating... but they're not investigating her...  It's an investigation, but not a criminal investigation... They're investigating the server, but its been scrubbed...

Despite supposed Democrat Party uneasiness and rightwing giddiness at a forthcoming Hillary indictment, the investigation could simply fizzle out, and if so, she follows the Hellary Hospital arrow and walks right into the White House.  Imagine how much fun 'Ol Bill would have mentoring young interns...

Another Question:  What is really going on here?

Is this fuss over classified e-mails a political hit?  Is poor Hillary now caught in the pincers of a Vast Rightwing and Vast Leftwing conspiracy?

Obama pulls the strings, and no matter how reptilian and completely egomaniacal the Psychopath in Chief is, would he really bring down the Democrat Party's best candidate because of old political vendettas?

Or is Obama simply hanging the sword of Damocles over her head to keep her in line?

Will Hillary Survive?

I think so, and I hate to say that.  Nothing would be more entertaining than to see old retreads like Biden, Gore and Kerry jump into the race and mix it up with Socialist Sanders and the single-digit ankle-biters obscured by the shadow of the Clinton Dirigible.

If our corrupt political system is wired up like I think it is, this "investigation" is designed to put an end to the issue so the Clinton Steamroller can continue on to victory, crushing everything good in its path as it rolls on.

We now know there was classified information on that server, but Hellary could easily escape by pushing a few assistants under the bus when we learn that she never actually accessed the e-mail on her own, but had staffers do it for her.  Depends on what the word is, is, &cetera...

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