Friday, August 28, 2015

The Fate of the Left

We've heard from several commenters here that conservatism is dead, and that Libertarian views are a juvenile philosophy not worth defending. Really? I'd like to ask my friends on the left where their freedom derives from? Is it something licensed by the government? Or does government actually derive it's just powers by the consent of the governed?

  I would argue that if we are not perceived to be the origin of that authority, then we are not governed, but ruled. That the Federal government consistently flaunts the restraints put upon it by the Constitution is proof that they have adopted  the notion that we are naught but peons, and our wishes can and should be ignored in the interest of those in power. Perhaps like our British cousins we should term ourselves "subjects"?

Fortunately, having overextended themselves in building the rather shaky coalition that constitutes the left in America, by promising everything to everyone, without consideration of the impracticality, the cost, or who is stuck with the bill, their ideas are about due to hit the wall.

 Having reached the end of credibility for all the empty rhetoric, and even emptier promises, they are in imminent danger of running afoul of one of the cardinal rules of the universe.

What goes around, comes around, and there is no escape

 Ignore the message at your peril!

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