Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Flag of the Progressive State of America

The lone white star against a blue field represents unity. No more 50 states, 300 million individuals: One people, one government, one leader to lead us all into the progressive future.

We must be one, united in our thinking and our activist actions. Dissention tears at the social fabric and causes discord within the hive.

The white stripes have been removed since America is already too white and too racist, and the clash of the red and white was divisive, while reminding of the 13 original racist colonies, founded upon the backs of people of color.

The red background provides a large area where the president can order a logo to be affixed that symbolizes whatever the cause of the day is:

We're one step away from jackhammering the slaveholding founding fathers off the face of history, but despite all those campesinos he murdered, Che is still OK!

Here's a tribute to Islam's strong influence in the founding of this nation.  President Obama cautions us we are not a Christian nation, but he reminds us how islamic it is!

Round up those Climate Change deniers!  Jail them!  Send them to reeducation camps before their blasphemous obstinacy causes Mother Gaia's hair to catch fire!

Pedos, rapists, international fraudsters, torturers, self-important grandees...  The UN has it all.  Bill Clinton should be the next UN Ambassador to that International House of Corrupt Perverts.

One state.  The Progressive State of America.  It goes along well with our one-party political system.

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